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PROBLEM  Congress has NOT added the APRC proposed amendments to improve the Autism CARES Act!  Members will not act until we come to nationwide consensus!    

AMENDMENTS:  Proposed amendments include:


ACTION:  CALL members of the Energy and Commerce (E&C) Subcommittee on Health (listed here), other E&C Committee members (listed here), and your own representative (find here). 

Continue calling autism caucus leaders listed below.

MESSAGE:  Please include the proposed APRC amendments in the Autism CARES Act reauthorization bill.  The current language does not work for us as well as it could. The amendments are important to me because ______________.

FINAL NOTE:   Assuming Congress wants to serve the people, we must first demonstrate old fashioned American unity.   We understand the deep frustration in this community.  But please be civil with the Congessional staff we are asking for help.  Do not hesitate to call them.  



                                 U.S. Senator Michael B. Enzi (R-WY)    PHONE:  202-224-3424

                               U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ)    PHONE:  202-224-4744

              U.S. Representative Michael F. Doyle Jr. (D-PA)    PHONE:  202-225-2135

                       U.S. Representative Chris H. Smith (R-NJ)    PHONE:  202-225-3765

                          Action alert expires when the bill is passed with the amendments

 July 15, 2019     Action Alert #2

Unlocking Autism


The Autism CARES Act is slated to be reauthorized in 2019.  Today, we spend less per affected person looking for scientific answers than at the passage of the Autism CARES Act in 2006 because the rising tide of Autism has swamped the intensification of research spending.  But the APRC believes, supported by the GAO studies of the matter, that much, perhaps most, of the significant taxpayer investment in research since the passage of the Autism CARES Act has been wasted.

APRC does not petition Congress for more money, but for meaningful policy reforms to bring accountability and effectiveness to federal efforts on Autism. 

The Autism CARES Act needs to be fixed!!  Please click on the link below to read more about APRC's position on how to fix the Autism CARES Act!

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FLA.)

Autism CARES Act Described

2006 Autism Legislation Co-Sponsors Endorse APRC Amendments


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